Blood Bank & Transfusion Medicine Fellowship

The fellowship is a one year, primarily clinical experience, centered at Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) with a 6-week rotation at the American Red Cross (ARC) Connecticut Region in Farmington, CT and a rotation at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System West Haven Campus (VA CT).


The arrangement of the ARC, VA CT, and YNHH portions of the fellowship is flexible and can be arranged to best suit the needs of individual fellows.

Physician-Scientist Training

For individuals with an interest in a longer term commitment to research work and to a physician-scientist career path, there may be opportunities to have an extended research experience in the laboratories of faculty from the Department of Laboratory Medicine and/or the Department of Pathology. Opportunities for research can also be arranged in the laboratories of many other Yale University faculty as part of the fellowship. For more information on some of the mentors that participate in this program and some of the opportunities available, please see the section on Research Fellowships for more details.


Stipends are commensurate with the fellow's current year of post-graduate training and are on the same scale as that received by YNHH resident staff. Also included are family-plan-level health insurance and individual disability insurance benefits. Funds are also provided for educational materials ("book allowance"). Details of the current stipend scale and benefits package are provided upon application.