The program follows the admission requirements of an NIH "T32" training grant. These requirements can be reviewed at the NIH web site by clicking here. However, in addition to the T32-specific program, the Department sponsors scientists and physician-scientists in this same area by other mechanisms.

Who should apply

Candidates are generally drawn from individuals with an MD or MD/PhD degree who are trained in clinical pathology, anatomic pathology, AP/CP, hematopathology, microbiology or transfusion medicine. Individuals trained in Internal Medicine Hematology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases or Allergy/Immunology or in Pediatric Hematology-Oncology are also appropriate candidates for the program as are individuals from other disciplines who wish to pursue a physician-scientist career in Immunohematology.

Persons holding a PhD degree who have an interest in possibly pursuing future clinical work in addition to basic science research (PhD clinician-scientists in the field of Laboratory Medicine) are also encouraged to apply and to discuss career options with our faculty, as are pure basic science PhD investigators interested in this area of investigation.

In addition, although this research training fellowship may be taken as part of a combined clinical and research Yale training program (e.g., Hematopathology or Transfusion Medicine Fellowship), individuals who received their clinical training at other institutions are especially encouraged to apply.


Stipends are commensurate with the number of years since graduation.

This pay scale may be further supplemented to retain comparability to Yale New Haven Hospital/Yale School of Medicine residency/fellowship PGY pay scales. Although NIH training grants include time 'payback' provisions, these provisions are minor, easily met and only apply to those who take less than a total of two years of post-doctoral research training - the official word from the NIH can be reviewed by clicking here.

In addition to the NIH- funded portion of the salary received during this research training, it should be noted that the NIH has an additional program for which many T32 recipients qualify which will allow repayment of up to $35,000 of past educational loans per year in the first and third years of research training. This federal program is designed to provide additional support and encouragement to individuals interested in a career studying human disease processes, some more details may be found by clicking here.