Primary Clinical Teachers

  • Eric Gehrie, MD, Assistant Director, Blood Bank (YNHH), Instructor of Laboratory Medicine: Transfusion practice and transfusion reaction pathophysiology
  • Jeanne Hendrickson, MD, Associate Director, Transfusion Medicine Service (YNHH), Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pediatrics: Red blood cell alloimmunization; Hemolytic disease of the newborn
  • Diane Krause, MD, PhD, Associate Director, Blood Bank (YNHH), Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Cell Biology: Characterization of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, studies of molecular mechanisms for the regulation of the self-renewal and differentiation of these cells.
  • Edward Snyder, MD, Director, Blood Bank (YNHH), Professor of Laboratory Medicine: Transfusion medicine clinical trials for new Blood Bank products, clinical studies using regenerative medicine approaches for engineering new blood vessels, stem cell collection and processing.
  • Gary Stack, MD, PhD, Chief of the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service (VA Connecticut) and Professor of Laboratory Medicine (YNHH): The role of cytokines in mediating transfusion reactions.
  • Christopher Tormey, MD, Program Director of the Transfusion Medicine Fellowship, Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine: Platelet storage lesions, blood group antigen alloimmunization