Advanced Training

Opportunities are available during the 3rd CP year for additional subspecialty and/or research training. The format for this advanced training is individualized for each resident to assure both relevance to career goals and adherence to the requirements for residency training of the American Board of Pathology.

Subspecialty training is handled by giving the residents more senior, graduated responsibilities under the direction of the attending physician. Some residents elect to participate in clinical fellowships in clinical pathology at this stage of their training, while others begin more basic research endeavors within the Laboratory Medicine Department or in the broader School of Medicine or University.

Projects may be in practical areas, such as methods development or outcomes, or they may be in an area of more basic research; however, all work is carried out under the auspices of that particular clinical pathology laboratory (see Faculty Research Interests [LINK]. Projects may be physically located in one of the clinical laboratories or a basic research laboratory under the direct supervision of a faculty member outside of Laboratory Medicine. The broad range of potential research opportunities can be explored in the Yale University medical faculty research database.

Prior to undertaking any project, the resident prepares a short proposal in NIH format with the assistance of the faculty mentor. This proposal is reviewed and approved by a 3-member faculty committee prior to the project's initiation.