Research Testing for Clinical Trials

The hospital laboratories may be asked to participate in research studies in several ways:
  1. Perform laboratory tests on patient samples, on animal samples, or on other materials, such as solutions or devices
  2. "Spin and save" samples for research studies
  3. Provide excess clinical samples--with or without patient identifiers--to researchers
    Note: all human studies require HIC approval
  4. Provide test result data

Procedures for Initiating Studies

Allow two weeks for pricing-only requests and three to four weeks for approval of research studies.

Laboratory participation is not guaranteed, but will depend on both study requirements and laboratory resources. A Clinical Laboratory Manager may contact you to determine feasibility or work out the study logistics.

More Information

Research Testing Coordinator

June Stevens

Yale-New Haven Hospital 
20 York Street , PS 228 
New Haven, CT 06510 
Phone: (203) 688-7735 
Fax: (203) 688-7340

For copies of CAP or CLIA certificates e-mail June Stevens and provide your Fax information.


Research samples will not be accepted or spun, or research results released, until:

  • The ONCORE is in place
  • Documentation of HIC and HIPAA approvals have been provided
  • The study has been approved by Lab Medicine