Clinical Virology Services

Tests Performed

Viral Antigen

Direct detection of viruses in clinical specimens by cytospin-immunofluorescence (4 assays)

ELISA for Rotavirus antigen

Real-time TaqMan PCR for virus detection and quantification (32 assays)

HIV-1 resistance genotyping (TruGene sequencing)
HCV genotyping
Viral culture

Viral culture, conventional and shell vial


Viral antibody tests by ELISA, CIA, latex agglutination, immunochromatography and immunoblot (30) assays)

Clostridium difficile

Two-step bacterial antigen and cytotoxicity testing

Download full listing of all Virology Tests Performed:
Virology Tests Performed

Seasonal Virus Update

To aid physicians in patient management and alert them to viruses circulating in the community, the virology lab provides a weekly update of positive seasonal virus detections.

Weekly Report of Seasonal or Epidemic Viruses Detected

Clinical Consultation

The Laboratory Director is available to help in test selection or interpretation of test results performed in the YNHH Clinical Virology Laboratory.

Teaching rounds

Clinicians are welcome to come to the laboratory to observe test methods or review their patients’ results. Teaching rounds for ward teams and infectious disease consult team are generally held on Thursdays at 11 AM.  The Laboratory Director can also attend teaching sessions on the wards to discuss testing.

Guide to Viral Diagnosis

A guide to sample collection, test selection and interpretation. 

Download: Clinical Virology Guide